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Default Re: Rant: maybe I should have taken up the guitar instead !

OK let me explain...I do have the money already for a high end kit and am in the market wich I would hope that keeps me out of the "every Tom, Dick and Harry" classification.

Secondly there obviously is no reason to change the heads on V-drums account the sound is altered in the drum module.

Thirdly, I really don't know if the stores allow customers to change the strings on guitars, I do know they're allowed to try them with an amp and effects. Try getting a store to let you play drums into a PA system ! (OK...even I think that would be over-the top).

But seriously, it is a business transaction after all, and there has to be some give and take. I take the time to listen to these drums; they give me the time and tools to do this; I in-turn give them thousands of dollars; they give me the drums.

Or...there's always other stores who need the money. It's like buying a car, you don't have to buy one today...but they have to sell them
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