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Default I really admire Auto-Tune 5.

Ok, I'm a singer/guitar player/bass player/drummer (in no particular order) - and of course there's those takes where you have lots of great emotion but you mess up a portion tonally or you really bomb a series of notes.

What do you do? Do you scrap it and do another take, only to find that those "parts" were in tune, but now it sounds less exciting?

I have a bunch of vocal tracks down for my new cd I'm working on, and there's a lot of "good" vocal tracks, not perfect... I purchased Auto-Tune 5 and slapped it on them. It's as if I sang it with the same emotion, in *just about* perfect pitch (depending on how you set it).

Totally transparent, neutral, tonally amazing. Not sterile, not rough sounding. It's the same track only I'm in pitch :-)

Sorry but I just gotta talk about it. Amazing product!
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