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Default Rant: maybe I should have taken up the guitar instead !

Here's the story: I go into a music store, walk past the guitars that are being tested on different amps and with different effects pedals (so the guys thinking about buying this new $1800.00 Gibson les paul can hear what it's possibilites are.) I think to myself: Hmmm...good idea.

I get to the drum section and first i find the instrument I've chosen to play with a cardboard sign on them saying DON'T PLAY. Now these drums cost twice what that Gibson did. I think to myself: Hmmm...maybe thay just don't want people to walk in and start bashing on these. Fair-enough.

I then introduce myself to the salesman and tell him that I am in fact a drummer here to audition some new instruments. I'm in the market for a nice sounding maple or bubinga shell kit. He says " here's some sticks" I then ask him for a drum key.This is when it starts to get weird. I said well it's not like a guitar or a piano where it's either in-tune or it's not. I'd like to hear the tuning ranges of these drums."Well we normally don't like to do that." I thought that was kinda odd.

I then ask him, "In adddition to a drum key, I'd like a couple of different heads to try on one of the toms, so I can hear the potential of these shells." He says "we never do that."

Now keep in mind, they will gladly let you plug any guitar into an amp while trying all kinds of effects with no problems. But if you're about to drop $3000.00 on a set of Yamaha maple customs absolutes or Tama bubinga starclassics, and you want to really hear what they can do, the salesman look at you like you're from another planet!

Needless to say I didn't buy any drums that day. With the current economy the way it is, I would think people would be standing at the front-door of businesses-hawking potential customers to come in and check out their products. I wonder if the major drum manufacturers know what their "authorized-retailers" are really doing to their bottom-line.

If I experience this again at a local store, I'll contact the various drum manufactures President and tell Him my experience and why I didn't purchase their product.

In the mean time I'm saving for Roland V-Drums. I know what they sound like from the internet and I can order them online. salesman to deal with and no commission to pay.
Thanks for being patient enough to read this long-winded rant...
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