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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

Originally Posted by Tomtom123 View Post
Lighten up, Muckster; the dude gave us an explanation and an apology, nough said. Anyway, I gave my money to I believe it was The American Music Group, who is handling the sales end...I doubt Pat has seen anything resembling money at THIS
Pat...I assume lesson learned...muckster makes a good point, the interest is there for your products, so less hype will be necessary for future products...just my opinion.
Yea guys, I wouldn't discredit Pat in any way for his latest endeavors... I mean shoot, you know the whole iPhone/AT&T thing with MMS messaging finally with 3.0 update? Well, it didn't come and we had to wait until 3.1! But it was certainly "promised" this past summer for months on end. How's that for building hype?

As someone who knows Pat and has talked with him about vendor delivery, I can guarantee he is doing everything he can to get his product available. He apologized, and I'm sure better communications will be had in the future.

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