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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

Hi everyone

Here are a couple clips from the pre mastered editing of the "Learn to Read Rhythms" DVD, that are compressed down to view in context. We created a test site to view, because to compress it down to upload here really takes the quality down quite a bit.

We combined a couple exercises for you to get the idea of how it it is presented.

(Of course the "normal" size is larger, and the quality is HD ! )

Dotted 8th, 16th Exercise

Syncopation, and 8th Triplet Exercise

The finished HD edit/mastering is winding down!

Of course, it also includes the 100 page pdf ebook, and all examples on mp3

Will keep you updated on shipping..

Thanks to all for your patience.

All the Best.
Pat Petrillo
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