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hi everyone! my daughter made a suggestion that i start a casey grillo thread as we could not find anything on here about him so here it is !
we've already put the bug in his ear that we would be doing something like this so hopefully he will come on here ( time permitting ) and answer any questions anyone may have .
from our standpoint we have come to know casey thru my daughters want to play the drums and her seeing him at a drum clinic . so after making contact with him he now teaches my daughter and she couldn't be happier ! who wouldn't want there hero to be their teacher !
for those that have never heard of mr. grillo he is the drummer for the group Kamelot and also put out the drumming dvd " pedals to the metal " . here is a clip from one of his drum clinics , . it was this clinic that got my daughter interested in drumming , and me getting the pleasure of putting her set together for her .
though i don't know exactly how to describe his style since i'm not a drummer , i can say that i am always in awe when i have heard him in person and on kamelot cds. i do know that buddy rich was the biggest influence on him so maybe that translates into his style.
as a person he has to be one of the nicest straight up guys and a great influence on young drummers as i have never seen him snub anyone at anything we have seen him at . he's willing to talk to anyone , me included l.o.l. , and i don't just mean "hey whats up " i mean as much time as you need to get your thoughts conveyed to him !
i mean come on ' how many other big named drummers hang out in town and due gigs every weekend ( when not on tour ) with two other local bands !
somebody else out there has to have some sort of story or input to add !

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