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If you want to talk about tre cool then start a new thread. keep it organized. just a sugestion.
also we shouldnt judge a drummer by what they do in the band they are/were in because any good drummer knows what he should play and not play in the band he is in. just because travis barker and a lot of other drummers dont play things really hard is because they know that the music he is playing doesnt calls for it. in my opinioin (even though im NOT a blink 182 fan) travis's drumming keeps the music alot more alive and adds evergy to his band. the songs would all definitly not sound the same if he wasnt playing drums on them. And unliek most other drummers in his genre his drumming plays a mojor role in the rythm of the song and has his own unique style and sound.
Just so you know im not a harcore travis barker fan i just think his deserves credit for what he does.
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