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Originally Posted by vzladrummer View Post
Hi George ! Im honored to see you in this forum.
Since i started my drumming (like 17 months ago) you had always been my idol hehe.
I just got a few questions are simple questions i wont ask you to explain me anything :D.
1.-What's your max speed on the double bass and on the hands (of course your max controlable speed) ? (BPM 16th notes).
2.-What grip do you use ? Fingers, Wrist, You mix them ?
3.-Does really Air drumming help to the double bass speed (I mean when you do air drumming with your feet with the pass of time you feel it helped you or what really helped you is to sit on the drumkit ) ?
4.-When you wake up from the bed you can do your entire max speed sitting in the drumkit or you must first warm up for a while ?
5.-When you achieve a nice double bass speed (i mean when for first time in your drumming life you achieve a quickly double bass) how you felt ?

1.16th notes, max speed? I have done some 280bpm 16ths hands and feet, but it really doesn't matter, don't get obsessed with the bpm thing cause it always depends on your good day. At those tempos, the ammount of energy and pushing is getting out of control, some times we play our fastest songs and the band complaints i am going too fast....means adrenaline is UP THERE....

2.Of course i mix wrists and fingers, but the main power comes from wrists (moeller motion), i like playing hard and also wrists deliver more control, depends on what you are playing though....always!

3.I don't think Air Drumming does anything,i do it all the time cause i am a drummer and i can't relax (ha ha) but it's just natural. What it REALLY helps is get yourself on your kit, this is what really works and i wish you have this opportunity to jam on your kit everyday...cause some drummers don't have that.

4.No, it's like waking up and running as fast as you can....your feet might fall off...ha ha ha

5.We went out for party, got drunk and marked the day so we can celebrate every year...ha ha,i am joking of course.Well, unfortunately it doesn't just come like that, it takes time, practice, rehearsals, shows...your muscles work different under all these situations.What i would say to you is ENJOY the way up even if it's speed or technique or whatever, drumming is not an achievement but fun!

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