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Originally Posted by vivek View Post
Hey George

im a really big fan and a beginner drummer myself, i was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to start double bass drumming, i have the pedals its just how to do the foot technique because every time i try my beat is uneven and i run out of energy in 10 seconds

it would be really great if you could help me

one of your biggest fans

Hi Vivek,
getting into double bass is very easy, what you really have to understand from the beginning AND later on is that your right foot will be leading... This is what i'm thinking most times and on most patterns, if my right foot is on the beat then we are "ok".
As for your endurance, well this actually comes with months and years of playing, your problem though sounds like you are playing very "tight" and you need to relax a little bit...Try some double bass at the lowest volume you can, you'll find out it's actually harder to control your feet but will help you to relax when you play at normal volume.

Hope it helps...

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