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Default Finished teaching early. YIPPEE!!!!

So so happy. No more drumming until Monday. I'm takin' Sunday off and plan to take it easy. I may have a couple of Bloody Mary's down at the harbour and watch the boats pass by.

It's been a good week, loads of students. I was happy to give Polyanna 2 classes this week and see how well Pol's doing on both kit and djembe. Coming along nicely.

Had a great lesson with my 8 year old prodigy. Taught him how to play left foot clave while performing cascara on the kit. He got it. :-)

All my other students are making me proud. It's been a real across the board sort of week. I have had a 5 year old come in after an advanced guy, middle aged next to teenagers etc. One lesson may've been about how to trade fours and then the next is about playing congas. Basics or advanced it stays interesting.

A very productive week.


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