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Default Re: This is how you handle TV networks that demand playback performances!

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
Apparently, they were not told it would be a playback performance until they came in and were going to play.

Also, I think it was an excellent "screw you" to the network(s). Playback performances are wrong on so many levels, and I think these shows should put in the extra effort and money to actually have the bands and artists perform live.
Playback performances are a form of recorded sound/video- certainly, not "wrong" at all as the whole recording and music video industry is built around performances that are recorded and played back later.

I have difficulty believing how the band could not have understood it was a playback performance. I mean, what time were they called to the session?

If a band does''t like the conditions under which they are told to play, then they should get their own show/venue or decline the opportunity so some other band can get a chance. That's the mature thing to do. I would expect this band to be blackballed from TV shows and other opportunities.
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