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Default Re: New Ddrum Pocket kit and Tama Metalworks snare

Originally Posted by hellohal View Post
wow! that looks so nice and to add to my love i actually might be getting one :D

where do you find the second hand kits in the Uk??

i cant seem to find that many except a couple on ebay
I found it in a music shop near me called PMT, it's a chain actually. You can't argue with 350.

Originally Posted by Moldy View Post
Good choice on the Metalworks snare, size and all! I've been singing its praises since I got mine back in December. My first drum that I grew really attached to :)


Oh, and just for everyone to hear: Good bearing edges and unchipped paint?
I love the snare, out of all the drums its my favorite just ahead of the kick :P
Ive only checked the edges on the kick so far and all is good. As for the paint it's a good finish but there are a couple of little chips on the kick. I think was from in the shop when moving around. They'e behind lugs too so you can't really see them.

Originally Posted by dr.funkenstien View Post
Congrats! what do you think of the deep kick drum? do you find it gets muddy? or actually lots of good proection. I'm in a pickle between getting a 22 x 16 kick or a 22 x 20 kick. Not sure. Nice finish by te way, classic.
20x20 is the way forward! I love it loads of low end but it retains that punchiness. My old kit had a 22x16 and didn't like it that much. I know 22x20 is considered a 'fashion' but would so many people have it if it sounded bad?
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