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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
Sunday was horrible to watch... If Edelman didn't drop that pass in the red zone (end of 2nd qtr) it's a different story and we wouldn't think the Pats were *so* rusty (just a *little* rusty)

The Jets look really good on D, but a lot of the Pats' offense was a combo of Brady-rust, DROPPED PASSES (looking at you Galloway...Edelman...) and the fact that *Brady's most go-to receiver (WES WELKER) was watching from the sidelines. That dude Revis that covered Moss is really good (although I gotta say Moss looked flat - especially on that INT...) but I don't think the Jets could cover both him *and* Welker... I am 99% confident the outcome would have been different with him in.

I hope the D will figure it out. Once Mayo is back, Brady will be back to form (hope fully he'll be back in form sooner than Mayo's return!) and the Pats will run off the last 7 or 8.

Atlanta will be a good test to see how these Pats bounce back from a loss (Can we get a leaked video of Bill going off on them in the meeting room?)
Get over it! They lost to the Jets and should of lost to the Bills. Every year is a new year.....I dont care if everyone on the team is the same. New year......New team!
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