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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Here's most of my Signia stuff. I have another bass drum that's not pictured. Most was bought new when I was poor back in the mid 90s. I paid $2810 (loan) from Suncoast Music for a double kick set with DW5000 pedals and ended up getting another kick for the same price.

(3) 22x18 bass drums
(1) 14x5.5 snare (or is it a 5"?)
(1) 14x7 snare (or is it a 7.5"?)
toms in 16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 in Cherry Stain plus a blue 8 I bought until I found a Cherry 8". I just bought one off of ebay with some missing parts.

EDIT: I need to do some cleaning. Whew, I didn't know some of those were so dirty. Here's the same drum cleaned up. Once a year I used to take them all apart and wash them with diaper cloth, then wax them. I haven't done that in about 4 yrs.
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