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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post
Mr. Roeder,

First of all, thanks for the art you and your band shared with the world during the last three decades. Also, thanks for taking the time to answer any of the questions here.

If you don't mind answering, I would like to know what method you use to cut down cymbals (24" to 23", 22" to 17" and so on). Do you have a lathe or something similar?
And about your custom built drums, do you make them from scratch, shells and all, or do you acquire pre-made "blanks" that you then customize?

Thanks in advance.
I bring any cracked cymbals I have to a local shop who sends them out to a machinist to have them lathed down. It's an excellent way to extend the life of cymbals, and to give them new character at the same time.

For my custom kit I left the shell making to the experts at Keller. (I only have so much spare time, no desire to get into mold making...) I did the finishing, bearing edges, drilling, etc.

Rock on.
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