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My 360 got smashed by a drumming buddy's drunk [now ex] girlfriend. I still await a replacement (oh well, the summer season is slow for games).

I'm hardcore hardcore - like everything else I do. Been playing since I was 3 or 4, on the Atari 2600, then 7800 - then NES(!), SNES, N64, Cube, XBox, 360, with computer gaming back when I didn't need a super computer to enjoy it (one of the most fun things for me when I was younger was calling up my older brother's buddy's modem and linking up for some Duke Nuke'Em 3D. Also Doom and Doom II. We had over 600 games for the Ataris and Nintendos (two brothers, and we all gamed all the time - AND played 3-4 sports each, AND got all As in school, so Phooey! to anti-gamers)

When I fell out of the nest, I started buying my own stuff all the time - I've probably had about 60 or so 360 games. One of my good friends is a big man on campus over at Capcom (The last boss of the game he was helping with is named after him - there's your hint!) and he sends me down games and arcade sticks - not just Capcom stuff too - oh boy!

But I just got done practicing the drums for about 4 hours...and no system to play right now (drunk girls...) So I'm gonna log in some more time on the *thing I spent the most time on* - And that's DRUMS.

I pulled out my Ferrari - aka my Yamaha 4 piece with the "jazz" sizes. After playing my thuddy rock drums for 4 months straight (or so) I'm flyin' around these little guys. Oh happy days.

Games I'm waiting for (this post is all over the place) are Mass Effect 2, Lost Planet 2 (most fun I had playing at E3!),, I can't concentrate, I've got the new Muse album blaring over the PA...

I'll get into "why graphics are important" in the "are games art" debate that MFB was starting to touch on (Braid is great) at some point...
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