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Originally Posted by DrumNut
I dont think that language will be tolerated in this forum, first of all. If you want to debate fine, but don't get foul on me.

I didnt say it was mandatory, but some drummers just play with bands and dont teach or do things for our community. I just think it would be nice if he shared his expertise, cause a lot of us would like it.

A lot of these commercially successful drummers seem to hide

I apologize for the profanity.

The part of your initial statement that caught me attention was, "Why doesn’t Alex do a drum clinic if he's so good." Doing or not doing clinics has absolutely nothing to do with his talent or lack there of (whatever side of the fence you stand). I think it's great when a drummer shares what he/she knows about the craft.

My dad has been a professional drummer for almost 50 years, and is a damn good drummer (if I do say so myself). He's played in small clubs, big venues, played with big names and no names. Very educated in the history, technique and musicality of drums (and other instruments), and passes on what he has learned over the years by giving private lessons. But, I can tell you that he would not feel comfortable presenting himself in a clinic setting.

So, whether someone does clinics or not, has absolutely no bearing on ability.
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