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Default Re: New snare saves the planet?

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
I'm a litttle confused about this whole "save the planet" thing. How is buying a bamboo snare drum being environmentally conscious? I mean, wouldn't it be better for the environment if that drum had never been made?

I remember back in the '70s all we heard about was the impending doom of the soon to come ice-age, now they tell us we're getting hotter when we were suppossed to be freezing.
I'm so confused...I think I'll go drum shopping.
Introducing the new GREENWASHING Snare...
Bamboo is a more "sustainable" wood choice, as it can be regrown much more quickly than, say, a hardwood maple or bubinga tree - so compared to buying a drum made of those, it is environmentally preferable, but buying a used snare is certainly better.
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