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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

a wild week 2 for sure...

the Panthers can't seem to do anything well, Delhomme needs to go

and yet, the Rams look worse

Adrian Petterson is just ridiculous, he's like a Formula 1 car out there

the Bengals have brought some big players in on D and Palmer looks great, just how far will they get, eh?

the Patriots lost too much on D and their QB missed a year, give Brady time, a man with that much drive only needs to shake off the rust

the Raiders really could make the play offs, they don't suck any worse than the rest of their division

how do you spell offense? SAINT'S

the 49er's look good, but they need a playmaker at QB

you might actually have to go through the Ravens to win the Superbowl, they look to give the Steelers some real trouble

the Chargers, ugghhh

Eli Manning looked good for 58 minutes, then looked like a field general for the last two, impressive young quarterback, solid D and a promisimg new reciever add up to a great season for the Giants

and Peyton, i love ya man, but go easy on your defense, eh?
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