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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

My thoughts 2 weeks in:

The wheels are coming off the Patriots bus. Trading Seymour after having already lost so many defensive players is turning into a huge mistake. Their D is sinking to average, and the offense suddenly canít make up for it. I wonít count them out, but suddenly, them winning the division is no longer automatic.

The Jets and Bills are both better than I expected, which making the AFC-E suddenly a lot more interesting.

The AFC-N goes through Baltimore now.
After this season Eric Mangini may never work in the NFL again.

The Chargers are frauds.
Denver is the worst 2-0 team in the league.
The Raiders and Chiefs are both in trouble. Itís almost sad someone has to win the division out of default.

Iím not surprised the Titans are 0-2. Colts lead the division.

Eli Manning may not be the best QB, but heís as cool as ice under pressure, marching the Giants down the filed to a game winning FG as time was running out. With McNabb out, the NFC-E goes through New York right now.

Tony Romo: threw 3 picks this week, oh where is the media to gush about his greatness now?

Iím not so sure Favre isnít still retired. Hand off, dump pass, hand off. Heís 30th in passing yards, which will drop to 31 if Pennington throws more than 89 yards tonight.

My expectation that Green Bay is going to take the NFC-N is in seriously jeopardy if they canít find some pass protection.

Donít worry Lions: I still think the Browns and Rams will be worse than you at the end of the season.

Speaking of the Rams: Theyíve only scored 7 points, making them dead last in the NFL in points scored.

The Saints have scored 93 total points so far; which is 24 more points than the #2 most scoring team, the Ravens.

The Cardinals have proven to be the same bi-polar team they were last season: the play like crap one week and play like an elite team the next.

If the Seahawks and Panthers could go back in time to last April, I think theyíd both wish they had taken a QB for the future right about now.
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