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Default Re: Busking rules in Sydney ... your area?

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
That is precisely what is happening. This is why I do not play live that much these days. It's better and easier to simply teach. Now this is kind of sad. I have live experience dating back to 1982. I play a myriad of percussion instruments and am considered to be "not bad" by my peers. Surely I have something to offer, but the scene is such that it offers me nothing in return. The pay is the same as it was 15 years ago for the average cover band. In fact it may be even less.
Supply and demand. First, in the 70s disco came in and bands were being replaced by canned music. I remember lots of T-shirts at the time saying "Keep Music Live" and "Disco Sucks" but the meat market situation that was disco won out, also fewer overheads for bar owners. Later the concept grew with dance clubs and the rise of status of DJs.

Then the killer - changes to licensing laws to allow pubs to bring in banks and banks gaming machines. That was the final nail in Sydney's music scene's coffin. Musicians kept on coming up through the ranks but the number of venues reduced dramatically ... and the laws of supply and demand determine that the value of musicians' services must dwindle as a result.

That's why busking appealed to me; there are so few venues around. Now I find serious roadblocks to even giving away my musical services for free!

Music is not considered important by the powers that be because its only function is to increase happiness. Bear in mind the "I'm alright Jack" approach of people who pull the strings can afford to get their musical rocks off by seeing the big bands for hundreds of dollars a pop. They are often chauffer driven so what happens on the street doesn't matter to them, as long as there's no crime or gridlocks.

Simply selfish and soulless behaviour.

Wy, your peers must be tough because you are an excellent drummer IMO, The tag "not bad" would apply to me :)
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