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Default Re: Who here plays a different instrument in addition to drums?

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
I'm considering learning how to play the flute.

I think this may be a bad idea though because it looks like a hell of a lot of work to play well. Plus they are expensive.

(as opposed to drums that are expensive and take a hell of a lot of work to play well).
Many's the time when hauling stuff back and forth from the car I thought, "I should have learned flute". Just a little box or two, and at the end you run a rag on a stick through it, pull it into three pieces and put it in the box. The hurdle of getting the high notes when playing octaves was too much for me. In the 70s a friend learned flute and when practiced those high notes .... woooooo, that was painful.

It turned me right off the instrument but that doesn't stop me thinking about it when I'm setting down or lugging. I really don't know how drummers with big kits cope before they can hire roadies (or bribe friends with beer). For a few months I did backup vocals plus tambourine and maracas in a band. Luxury!
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