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Default Re: Busking rules in Sydney ... your area?

That's sad, Pocket. I stayed with a friend down in Melbourne 5 or 6 yrs ago and loved the place. It seemed so sensible - you could actually drink a wine in a cafe like a grownup and there seemed to be bands playing at pubs all over the place. I can't believe that you guys made the same mistake as we did. The weather may be pretty ordinary (which is why I'm here) but I liked to think of Melbourne as our cultural mecca, a place to go if the banality of Sydney annoyed me too much *sigh*

Aydee, please feel free to come over to buy me a beer :) I know some places that serve good coffee, too. Newtown is not far from my place and it's at least one part of Sydney that's alive (and I'll make a note to chat with buskers when I'm next there and see how they deal with the bureaucracy).

I agree that the state needs to maintain some semblence of control. My problem is with the $40 p.a. charged by every local government area, rather than having city-wide (or at least fairly broad) coverage.

Pay for one busking licence per band member? Sure thing. Happy to audition. Happy to make one visit, fill in the forms, hand over the cash. But having to go through the rigmarole and expense again to play just five kilometres further afield because it falls in another council's boundaries? Insurance for $10 million?

I don't think so.

$10 mill??? Just because no one thought to create a legal exemption for buskers? Is it so hard to create a law so buskers play at their own risk and designate the council's role as being all care, no responsibility?

I don't think so. Why should artists be forced to agitate politically due to poor lawmaking? I mean, you don't have to be Einstein to see how current arrangement will inevitably stifle a city's vibrancy and, therefore, liveability. I guess they're afraid that headbangers will start busking and freak out the ageing populace. Then be choosy at auditions. This ain't brain surgery.

Or maybe they just want us to be good little automatons and fit neatly into our little square holes? The attitude strikes me as childish in it's lack of understanding of human nature. It makes me want to be childish right back at them - get one licence and play where I like (and lecture any council guy who wants to make an issue of it until he flees out of sheer boredom :)

** end of rant #2*

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