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Default Re: Busking rules in Sydney ... your area?

Polly, and here I was, all excited about showing up in Sydney someday and you buying me beer at that cool blues bar with the hip drummer !!!

i do empathize however..

i have never really busked except once unintentionally while sitting jamming with my friend, a pair of acoustic guitars, one afternoon in Washington Square Park , NYC, where we weren't really busking but people unloaded about $ 275 in our guitar cases anyway.

woah, aaaaah, gee, thanks!!

Not sure about the laws governing this stuff, but I guess the state needs to keep some control over what happens on their streets, why, and for how long, while considering a myriad different points of view, but to suffocate creativity and to put a lid on spontaneous art, music, dance, as a part of people's daily lives, is a crime against humanity, in my view.

Theres lots of street music in NYC, Paris, Capetown,... not enough in London & DC.. just my personal impressions from my travels.

Paris wins my vote on the city that truly belongs to the artist.


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