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I recently replaced my old Zildjian planet z 13" beginner hi-hats with ZXT series 14". My older stand that came with my Accent CS kit wasn't designed for that weight, so I replaced the stand with a new heavy duty Ludwig hat stand. I decided to keep the old stand, and put to use with my Stagg tambourine. I cut the legs off the lighter stand, and the mounting rod so that it would fit underneath the bigger stand.I used a mapex expandable double end clamp and attached the 2 hat stands together. I then clamped on the tambourine, and "wah-la!" a foot activated tambourine! I placed cymbal felts underneath to minimize any click sounds that would result from hard plastic striking metal. I also took 2 GPS flexible mounting brackets, cut the suction cups off, and with 2 "U-Bolts" clamped them vertically to the heavier hat stand... the top one holds my Sony PSP that I now use to view video lessons or to accompany practice music with, while the lower clamp holds my Korg metronome. I also added a vehicle window mounted beverage holder to hold my water bottle, and my pro mark stick holder to hold my main pair of sticks. Now I have what I call a "HAT COMMAND POST" to hold everything within easy reach as I play. I'm now currently working on a way to play my Pearl piccolo snare with an old foot pedal as an accent to my main Ludwig snare. I'll post that project later!
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