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Originally Posted by SLEEPY BRiGHT EYEZ View Post
The pipe from Home Depot is raw conduit. Aluminum I believe. It would have to go to a special shop to give it a shiny finish according to a friend of mine. He suggested I paint it, but I doubt paint would hold up after some abuse with clamps and what not. I'm not too, too worried about it being bright and shiny. After all, most of what I do is just in my music room. I don't expect to do much gigging any time soon and if I did, I doubt someone would walk out of the bar because I was using raw conduit instead of chrome plated tubing. heheh I was wondering if I could just buff it out, but my friend said I couldn't. I could always just replace my entire rack with the conduit and resell the Gibraltar tubing to make everything match. The hardware on my kit is black, and the super shiny chrome doesn't entirely match to my eyes.

I do want to bring a clamp in to check. Gibraltar tubing is 1.5". I know they have that in the conduit. But ya, there may be a slight difference. Next time I go to Home Depot I'll bring a clamp. I'm pretty sure you can get end caps there as well. Only one of my current rack tubes has an end capped. All of the horizontal bars terminate into T clamps, and two of my three vertical bars have boom arms on top to hold crashes. The leg tubes have 'feet' caps on them as well. So in my case, caps aren't too much of a concern though it is something to consider for the overall project.

I really like the idea of having custom length tubes to fit exactly how I want. I've been wanting a third side to my rack as well, so I can convert my hat stand into a legless one and mount a cymbal or two, or something over there. I have extra clamps now which warrant something new to add to the line up. hahah!
I just finished the construction of a straight rack using 1 1/4" EMT conduit from my local Lowe's. The EMT conduit is a light steel and the 1 1/4" refers to the inside diameter. The outside diameter however, is exactly 1.5" inches and my Gibraltar clamps fit perfectly! I have mounted 3 toms and 5 cymbals to it and I will let them sit there for 48 hours to ensure no slippage or loosening under the weight before I even attempt to start playing. I used the corresponding joining sleeves EMT 1.25" and the 90 degree elbows also in 1.25".
These were in turn connected to the pre welded "T" sections that I cut from an old chain link security gate that the elbows and sleeves fit over (just barely). Later this week I am going to drill the sleeves and main pipes and elbows to accomodate 1/4" X 2" carriage bolts and wing nuts for added stability. If I encounter any slippage with the gibraltar clamps, I will add friction tape underneath to add dimension and adhesive resistance to the mounting bar. I'll post pics along the way!!

UPDATE: I have now added the 1/4"X 2" bolts w/ wing nuts for added stability, and have now made the cosmetic changes with black gloss paint. I am still working on some ideas for my "kick snare". If anybody has any ideas please let me know!!
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