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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Pats got lucky, but they also worked for that fumble. Bills were better than I expected.

The Pats might regret trading Seymour, because he was a beast with the Raiders, and made the Chargers look dumb for 59 minutes (even if the rest of the Raiders are still somewhat inept). Speaking of the Chargers, they played 59 minutes of horrible football, and 60 seconds of what everyone expected them to do; that's not going to get it going when the playoffs come around.

The Cardinals looked as expected: Not that good!

The Brocos got lucky, but are still going to be bad this year. The Bengals are still the Bungals.

I can't understand why the Vikes pried Favre out of retirement to just hand off the ball, and throw a 100 yard game. Any QB cold have done that. But then again, it was just the Browns.

The Jets looked like they might be better than I thought.

The media is getting a little too excited about the Cowboys. Wait until they play the Giants.

While most of the media is gushing over Flacco's impressive offensive performance, I'm wondering what ever happened to that great Raven's defense, given that a back up QB from a team that just fired their OC was able to score on the Ravens they way they did.

Chicago; Same ol'e story: great defense, sorry offense. I still think Green Bay is going take that division.
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