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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
The pats got so lucky....i was flabergasted....

The Bills surprised the heck outta me...

decent defense (at least for the first 3 quarters), offense had some spark (probly just need a better qb), outplayed the pats imo for the first three quarters.

Brady looked pretty good overall. for the first three quarters, i'd say he played like garbage. I dont know what happens to him in the 4th quarter of games, but for some reason he always steps up when given the chance. He got a big big big big break and he really took advantage of that quite well. The game winning throw was in such an amazing spot, and the TE (forgot his name) made such an amazing catch, it really looked quite pretty.

The Pats were lucky, but so were the Bills with the fluke INT/TD, and the horrible horrible call on Wilfork. Also, Thomas's pile-driving tackle shouldn't be a penalty. Never seen anyone hurt on one of those - and because the players aren't supposed to do that - you get something like Eli's flukey SB Helmet Catch throw...Got away 3 times cuz the guys looked like they were worried about getting a flag...

Brady got back into form in the 4th quarter, but also, offensively, he looked like he was calling his own plays towards the end. Some awful playcalling offensively earlier. My buddy (Vikes fan) was sitting with me at the bar saying "gosh, looks like they're gonna dump it to Maroney here" - cue to Maroney getting the ball and losing 6 yards while getting crushed... Offense looked weird...

Hopefully, against the Jets, we'll just run 4 receivers out there and let Brady do his '07 thing! Hate the Jets!
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