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Default Re: Snow Leopard for Mac

MFB: I did a bit of research, too. Looks like this is all over the map, as far as the things people are claiming is fixing it for them. Crap like this isn't good. I've got a real bad taste in my mouth left over from Leopard, and was hoping Snow Leopard would be like a piece of ginger in a sushi bar. Well, let's wait and see... At least I'm not having any problems with Mail.

So did you indeed migrate all your mail and settings, as opposed to wiping, installing clean and then setting up from scratch? It's really tempting to do that, I know, but my opinion is it's best to do it right. I figure I'm going to be using a system for a couple of years, so I like to start off as clean and problem-free as possible. God knows there's enough stuff that can go wrong even under the best conditions.
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