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Default Re: as the decade comes to a close. so do tapes

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Ah yes Technology. I loved albums. There was something about the size of the cover and the liner notes that were just coo
I'm with ya there - somewhere is storage I still have a few real classical albums, but I don't have a 78 record player anymore :(
I can still play 33-1/3 LPs on my current turntable, but you don't have that big book-bound volume of a real album to sit on your lap

then again, you don't have to get up change the LP

certainly don't miss R2R magtape

compact cassette always seemed like a compromise to me, but they were portable - i guess it was cost, but I often lamented why they didn't put a tape brake on compact cassette a'la videotape cassette [putting part of the transport IN the individual medium units always seemed a bit of a blunt brute force solution to me anyway]
I doubt anyone really misses spooling out 20+ feet of magtape loking for the other end of the twist.

I'm pretty happy with the new digital stuff.
One nice thing about the digital for me : when compact cassette was ruling the roost, much of the stuff I wanted to listen to was lower-margin stuff so it got put on lower-quality cassettes :(
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