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Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

If anyone knows me personally, they know that I CAN'T STAND THE YANKEES!! Hate's a strong word, but you can use it here to explain how I feel about them.


I gotta give it to Derek Jeter. He's accomplished a great feat. Becoming the leading hitter in Yankees history. And that's saying something. Gehrig, DiMaggio, Ruth, Mantle, Mattingly, etc...ALL have less hits as a Yankee than DJ.

Among all his other accolades, you just gotta give it up for Derek Jeter. And as a Cal Ripken disciple, my hat's off to you DJ.

Well Done!! ;-)
Yes, Jeter is a class act and a helluva ball player. HOF for sure, and WELL deserved, Yankee or NOT!! L0L!!!!

Onward to the POST SEASON!!!!

Go Red Sox!!!!
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