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Default Re: NFL '09-'10 Come Get Some

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
If you want to hang on to *them recording from the wrong part of the field* (you can record the coaches hand signals from other areas of the field just fine) that's fine. They went undefeated in the regular season that year after the *big scandal* (sarcasm).

Had a good season last year too without Brades in there.

Gonna be a romp.

Nhzoso - yeah the secondary is weak for the most part. I like having Springs out there. That's comforting. I still love (LOVE) my idea of putting Moss out there in red zone situations... especially in that goddamn SB situation...Why oh why was little 5'10" Hobbs on 6'5" Plax?...ugh...

Anyway - I think it'll be Pats vs either the Giants (rematch!) or GB. The Eagles will implode. McNabb will fall apart, Vick won't save them (although I am interested in *next* year for him) and Andy Reid is one of the worst coaches out there when it comes to crunch-time/meangingful games/situations.
The Pats have and have had a CUPCAKE division.....just wait it might not be this year but one of the other team in the east will rise. The defense will be the weak point in the Pats this year!
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