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Default Re: British Invasion 2.0

I think different genre's of music are destined not to evolve, rather artists evolve through them. Each genre has it's moment then moves in & out of popularity but generally follows the generation that spawned it. Most new genre's are born as a result of rebelion against the popular genre of the day. Occasionally there's a bit of anti establishment political influence just to push it along. There should be no surprise in this evolution. New genre's are developed by the youths of the day who typically fight against the dominant music medium as it represents what is acceptable in the very society they criticize. Every few years, that generation is replaced by the next who see them as the establishment, & so on. It could be argued that it is fixation on past genre's that acts as the catylist for the birth of something new. Each new genre denying, but ultimately submitting to, influence from those that have gone before. I'm off to play some rock music!
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