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Default Re: British Invasion 2.0

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
While the band was amazing and so was their success, I must admit I find it sad that modern youg rock bands must still compete with this nostalgic, half a century old product.

Rock is a slow moving beast where nothing really changes. The result is what is now happening. Senior citizens and the dead getting revenue (again) that would be better off pushing the music forward.

Every time I see the Beatles or Led Zep mentioned on a web site I die just a little.
I agree. Obsession with the past retards musical evolution. The Beatles were a very influential group in Western pop music and even influenced music in other cultures. They are worth veneration and study, but it's gotten a bit ridiculous. I recall reading a wealthy investor who has purchased part of the Beatles catalog and other famous goups says he doesn't like invention or trying new creative things. I wish I could find that article. Rock could be getting like jazz - unable to really reconcile its future with past successes that are becoming traumatic.

Beatles music is like Christmas music, played everywhere constantly, except it's year-round. Whenever I hear The Beatles or Led Zeppelin playing in a coffee shop (which is very very often) I cringe in embarrassment. Can't they come up with something that hasn't been heard 50 million times?

I am very careful to avoid listening to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and other overplayed groups lest they influence me too much. I am interested in music that has not yet been created.
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