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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Here is a recent recording of my set. The song is in rough mix form and is not included; this is just the drum track and it has not been EQ'd or messed with. Some specs on the recording from the engineer:

Kick: Sennheiser e9032, dynamic on reso head. Slightly altered kick eq, bump at 200 hz and 3500 hz, with mild opto compression. Shure Beta 52 on batter.

Snare: Shure SM57, dynamic. Std snare eq, up slope 4db at 4000 hz, panned 4 degrees to listener's left.

Snare resonant: Audio Technica AT25 clip condenser. Same eq, 8db bump at 500 hz, panned 4 degrees to listener's left.

Toms: AT35 clip condensers. 4db up at all freqs, 4db dip to 0 at 550 hz, panned (respectively) 15 degrees left and right.

Overheads/cymbals: Studio Projects C4s, matched pair condensers with cardioid capsules. 4db drop 0 to 1700 hz sloping to 4db up at 18000 hz, panned (respectively) to 25 degrees left and right.

A 7 channels sent at 20% to Platinum reverb, 10% pre-delay and a level of only 14%. Adds air to match guide tracks without too much "shimmer."

Recorded through Mackie Onyx 1640 into Logic 9, no external pres or compression. Stereo roughs will be mastered through Waveburner with light compression and light dynamic limiting.
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