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Default Re: British Invasion 2.0

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
To learn a craft, you learn from the bottom up. The Beatles (as does 'Kind of Blue') represent - to me - a basis upon which to learn. In their case, an attitude or a method of endeavour. Replaying their music (musically influenced bands) are irrelevant - just like replaying 'Kind of Blue' would be, but to understand what you can do, you need to see what has been done. There's no emotional involvement of 'nostalgia' at play and I'm far from saying 'replicate'. I'm saying take concept and learn - but not take music and learn.

What's new to discover? Well, clearly there is something. Otherwise we would all know by now that trying to copy music of past eras is pointless and stagnatory. Taking aesthetic positions? Not so.
I know, but I'm 45 and have listened again and again. I have made the search from people such as Baby Dodds through Gene to Buddy and Papa Jo to Kenny and Philly and Elvin to Joe to Tony and Jack to Rasheed and Billy and Al to Harvey and Mike to Rick and Steve and Jeff to Chester to JR to Ndugu to Dennis and Vinnie to Keith and Benny.

That knowledge is there already. I use it with my students. But for listening, I want to go this way ----->
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