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Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
There's no doubt they were great. I wont argue that.

But for me, I've heard those sessions before. It is a very personal thing for me I guess. I move through music quickly and have no feeling of nostalgia. In fact I actively avoid it. I may own an album from the past to use for teaching, for example, Kind of blue, but I wont listen to it at home. Just as I wont read War and Peace again. I can't read the same book over and over. Nor the same sessions. What is new to discover??? Life's too short.

But that is just me. I don't force it upon others.
To learn a craft, you learn from the bottom up. The Beatles (as does 'Kind of Blue') represent - to me - a basis upon which to learn. In their case, an attitude or a method of endeavour. Replaying their music (musically influenced bands) are irrelevant - just like replaying 'Kind of Blue' would be, but to understand what you can do, you need to see what has been done. There's no emotional involvement of 'nostalgia' at play and I'm far from saying 'replicate'. I'm saying take concept and learn - but not take music and learn.

What's new to discover? Well, clearly there is something. Otherwise we would all know by now that trying to copy music of past eras is pointless and stagnatory. Taking aesthetic positions? Not so.

And I'll take Oasis as an example, you're right. For the record, I hate Oasis. I'm glad to see them splitting.
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