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Default Re: British Invasion 2.0

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
"In just seven years, the Beatles went from a rock-and-roll dance band to psychedelic visionaries to mature singer-songwriters, from musical adolescents to adult artists. And it is a journey listeners can still take with them. Indeed, this is not just a musical game, it is a mystical quest."

"Their longevity may suit our nostalgia but it works only because the songs have become the folk music of our times, so brilliant and wide-ranging that they exert a powerful grip on the imagination, whatever your age."

From the above mentioned article....I couldn't have said it better.

There's no doubt they were great. I wont argue that.

But for me, I've heard those sessions before. It is a very personal thing for me I guess. I move through music quickly and have no feeling of nostalgia. In fact I actively avoid it. I may own an album from the past to use for teaching, for example, Kind of blue, but I wont listen to it at home. Just as I wont read War and Peace again. I can't read the same book over and over. Nor the same sessions. What is new to discover??? Life's too short.

But that is just me. I don't force it upon others.
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