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Default Re: British Invasion 2.0

Well I guess my only suggestion would be, if you are having trouble competing with a band that is 40 years old, then maybe it is your music. Bye, Bye Miss American Pie...the day the music died. I guess it didn't die after all. the blues have been around forever and hasn't changed. Maybe real rock and roll hasn't changed either. Paul said they quit playing live because they couldn't hear themselves play due to all of the screaming. But when they did play, there were no light shows, fireworks, blood spitting etc. Just good music that still lives, and like I said before, it just might be a message to the rest of the music world. If you want to compete, put out a good product. The genre, The Oldies, will always be The Oldies, and there are still radio stations that play this music exclusively. I don't call it regression, I call it nostalgia. Just like those good old three ply Ludwigs. Who would want those regressive drums?? A new method of drum building must be better!!
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