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Default Re: British Invasion 2.0

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Yeah mate I know, it's just so old......

I have no problem with that. I mean I've read Tolstoy and Seneca. Listened to Louis Armstrong and Artie Shaw. But none of those artsts are in actual competition with the artists of today. All it shows to me is the incredibly limited scope rock music has been allowed to reach in the mainstream. There have been inroads, e.g. in the 70's with prog', but that was hauled back into place and made to conform. Rock music ultimately, at least to my mind, is the nulification of individuality. Nothing more than "product".

I play it though and appreciate it for what it is.

Still, I think it a tragedy.
Are they not in competition with artists of today? The competition is for the dollar spend of the consumer, and it is in this space the commercialism of the record industries reign supreme.
But that is not to say that a band or artist of any form doesnt have an outlet. These days, anyone with video camera and a computer has the same access to an audience as the commercial entities. No company will take a chance on a product unless there is a quid pro quo.
Eventually, what will happen is that "Rock" will be subsumed in the "Pop" genre, and another subculture will eventuate, and the cycle will continue.
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