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Default Re: British Invasion 2.0

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I understand what you mean to some degree, but if you realize how much those two bands contributed to music and the aspirations of future musicians, I think it's great that the interest is still there, or there for a new generation. My son who is forty, is buying the stereo box set, and his only interest in the Beatles until now was a copy of their 1's I gave to him. I think it is amazing that he wants their complete catalog. It also proves that good music will stand the test of time. And just maybe it says something about the garbage, my opinion, that is out there now. They spent a lot of time putting their sound together and their producer was the best around at the time. I realize that musical taste is subjective but their record sales over the past 40 years just reinforces their popularity and the great music they produced.
Yeah mate I know, it's just so old......

I have no problem with that. I mean I've read Tolstoy and Seneca. Listened to Louis Armstrong and Artie Shaw. But none of those artsts are in actual competition with the artists of today. All it shows to me is the incredibly limited scope rock music has been allowed to reach in the mainstream. There have been inroads, e.g. in the 70's with prog', but that was hauled back into place and made to conform. Rock music ultimately, at least to my mind, is the nulification of individuality. Nothing more than "product".

I play it though and appreciate it for what it is.

Still, I think it a tragedy.
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