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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


No one has invited me to come to Arizona to do a clinic. You see, that's how it works----I don't choose where I do them. A Pearl/Sabian dealer has to contact the correct parties at Pearl/Sabain who in turn contact me for my availability. So as of now I have no plans to do a clinic in Arizona due to the lack of invite. It would be fantastic to be invited!


Glad you are digging the TS 330W autographs! Hopefully your dealer will stock them for you. Yeah, they just feel like butter to me and hope they do the trick for you. I don't think I'm prepared to "conquer" anything, but there's at least some talk of a few European clinics next year. Thanks, man.


Yours is a hard question to answer. My thoughts might change because the context might change. Am I playing with musicians? Am I soloing the melodic motif of the tune? Am I playing by myself? In time or free form? I guess a basic answer would be that I usually have a quarter note pulse in my mind somewhere but I feel it and do not think about it. Without that nothing means anything, really. Because no matter the context of the playing it should always be music. I'll sometimes have a melody or motif, and sometimes I'll tread into deep unknown waters which can be scary yet exciting. But I don't have a real answer for you because I just play. I'm not really "thinking" most times. I'm paying full attention, though. Hmmmmm. Hope I'm making sense. It's just like talking---I want to say a sentence. It has a starting point and an ending point. I'll hear the shapes and know where it's supposed to end, or resolve. That's more what I'm thinking I guess.

Thanks for your questions!

Todd in Edmonton and heading to Vancouver
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