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Default Re: New Ddrum Pocket kit and Tama Metalworks snare

Originally Posted by notfuzzi View Post
Man I have been debating on the Metalworks snare for a while. I went to Guitar Center and tried it out but they tuned them all really bad. I am debating on either the Tama or a Pork Pie Black on Brass.

Does the snare ring at all?
First off I love the snare. I've only messed with the tuning a little bit so far because I got it this afternoon and I don't want to play too late because it is LOUD! It doesn't seem to ring much at all. Some people may want to put moongel on it but I prefer good tuning. It's got an Evans Reverse Power Dot Batter, an Evans hazy 300 reso and decent Tama Starclassic snares. With good products like that you should easily be able to control ring, overtones and synthetic snare buzz with good tuning. If you still get ring you could try getting a double ply head and I'm sure it would be cured.

The snare sounds amazing though. Ive got it tuned medium-high at mo and it sounds great. Really lively and responds to the lightest touch. The depth of it gives it more body and a real crack though. rim-shots are awesome too! :)
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