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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

just recently I received a new pair of drumsticks. They 're different than my usual choice. A little bigger in girth but very well balanced. If I hold one of them I recognize that the balance point sits a little more towards the tip. I like that. I see that it works for me, because it seems to create some more momentum in my left hand. They are maple and thats also good because I like to hit a rim now and then and I 'm told that maple almost never chips!

These particular Pro-Mark 330 's have been around for some time now -- not easy to get from where I 'm at -- I 'm proud to own them!

You' re a great inspiration, Todd! Each and every time I get to sit and play my drums and from now on I can also feel that "Todd Sucherman - Vibe" when it's just me and the x-pad (which, sadly is most of the time -- poor sap I am :))

Thanks man!

Cheers from Bavaria

P.S. It 's about time to conquer Europe,Todd ,..I tell you! We 're ready!! :)
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