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I just took everything out of the "drum room" cleaned and painted. I painted a Gretsch Harlequin Sun Amber Gloss finish (from Gretsch's New For 2009 catalog) design on one wall. I took the catalog into HomeDepot building supply and they scanned it and mixed me up some paint. I still have some work to do in there - shelves and mouldings. So I just have some of my Valje drums and a Toad Conga in there for now. They sound soooo good in that room right now! I may put my RotoToms and Metalephone in there as well.

Here's the room as of today...........sorry about the practice pad on the SuperTumba. Actually I've been playing (not with the sticks) the congas and leaving the pad on there and it makes a huge bass tone!

The Gretsch drum is my latest addition - eBay last month (I've posted elseware here). It's a 1949 (my birthyear) Renown Mahogany Parade drum. I cleaned it up - I didn't restore because did not want to mess with the badge.
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