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Default Re: Snow Leopard for Mac

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
OK Gang! I didn't want this to become a Mac vs PC thread. I'm simply pondering if it is worth it for me to spend the thirty bucks to upgrade right now.
So far Snow leopard looks pretty good. 64 bit offering faster speed and higher security (YES! Mac's can get attacked also!), Loads of memory being freed up is always good, Microsoft Exchange Server support! improved Quick Time ( I use this program a great deal), I'm liking it!
No sorry - Quicktime is scaled down to basic - just export to Youtube possible - all other export options cancelled. But wait: you can still run a second Quicktime at the same time - the one you had till now: ...7..- so you will have both versions on your mac parallel. When you want to make a special export you have to look for the 7 and take that.

Be sure to choose in the install Options from the DVD: Quicktime 7 and also Rosetta (needed for those, who run older (..not intel) programs like Photoshop CS2 and many more - you sure have many of them - and disable some printers and chinese languages - this gives the harddrive space....

What i can say till now (...nearly everything is hidden under the hood) : Time Machine is much faster. The Dock and Desktopchanges have no importance to me really...but nice, ok.

I installed it on several machines - also for my lovely wife and daughters as a surprise: But no surprise: the changes are so hidden, that they did'nt recognise the changes at all at first..huu

...and by the way as also for former systems: you don't need to buy a family pack, a single version works just fine for as many macs in your environment you choose to update...

..and Leopard and Snow leopard need INTEL - Power Mac not working...

and again MFB: just install Rosetta from the Disk to bring the old bastards to work - everything works on mine, even old OS9

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