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Default Re: Snow Leopard for Mac

So far, so good. I noticed that my Audio Interface (currently out of action anyway) is on the list of non-compatible drivers, but Line 6 have a beta driver currently available. That made me laugh because it's one of about eight pieces of software in total that have known compatibility issues, and it's just my interface; which isn't a particularly common one. Like I said it's currently out of action anyway.

I'm upgrading from 10.4 (Tiger) on a late 2006 Intel Core Duo 2 iMac with 2Gb of RAM (own upgrade). Using a Maxtor Basics 500Gb external HDD, I've had no discernible problems with Time Machine (I was using Super Duper, but Time Machine is far superior in terms of user experience) and so far everything seems to run well. The install took 45 minutes with no hitches apart from a longer-than-usual reboot, which was to be expected.

The 'Spaces' option I was already effectively using (I was using a third-party version on 10.4) and this version seems very smooth. I have had extensive use of 10.5 in the labs at Uni and so far 10.6 is doing just what it promised. The same, but faster. 10.5 was a great system and this one looks even better. I've got a (legal!) Quicktime Pro licence and I'm yet to use it, but I have confidence that it will work. CoreAudio seems just fine, as is the graphics rendering.

It's working with my esoteric USB software controller (an Arduinome, if you must know) and Max/MSP is also working as usual.

I'm impressed with this new system. It's a refreshing upgrade from Tiger (which was a GREAT system) and it runs smoothly and sleekly - just as its designed to. I'll be interested in seeing what happens with Windows 7 - I'm considering a Dual Boot. If I go ahead with that, I'll let you guys know.
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