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Originally Posted by ErNeStIn_182
theres no need for an argument or thats what i think.
There's always a need for an argument.

does tre do something special on drums? does he do any solo´s? the only good thing ive seen on tre he is kind of fast and has sometimes some god rythms with toms as you can hear on jesus of suburbia.
So he doesn't solo? Whoopdie doo. A lot of drummers don't solo because they choose not to. Does that mean they aren't good? No it doesn't. Actually, I have more respect for them because they have the opportunity to stand out and have the limelight on them, but they choose not to because they're humble about their playing.

travis is FAST, creative, cool etc...
Wow! Travis is fast! So am I. Speed isn't everything.

Creative? Hahahahahahaha. There's nothing creative in his drumming at all. You want creative? Listen to Rush, Led Zeppelin, Nightwish and countless other bands that don't fall in to the category of pop/punk.

Since when did being "cool" have anything to do with drumming?

is that enough for u? or do i night to argument more? its just my OPINION if u dont respect it its cause you are not educated.
So because somebody doesn't respect your opinion then they aren't educated? I guess most of the world's population isn't educated then...
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