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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yup, it was a misunderstanding. Sorry 'bout that. I probably got a bit convoluted again :)

I don't know whether you'd call them current, but Rage Against the Machine and the Chilli Peppers come to mind. You also have jazz samples in rap tunes. I don't know of any jazz/rap coming strongly from the jazz angle; it's more rap incorporating jazz than the other way around.

I can see a rap and blues mix working too. Both styles were invented by underprivileged black people. I love the White Stripes's mix of blues, pop and rock - a great sound.

I know this is offtopic but I have to share this video with you. It's one of the funnniest things I've ever seen I recommend the other shreds too. The Santana and Nine Inch Nails ones are a hoot too :)
I'll have to wait to watch it at home.. youtube is blocked at work and my headphones for my phone are busted. Yes.. Rage and Chilli peppers are good examples of rockers pulling influence from rap... what i'm more interested are the bands that are coming out from the other way around where they are rappers who have "converted" to rock. I think that can be more true to the rap stylings. I think one of my big turn-offs from rap are the lousy drum/bass beats so many of them use. which i think is something that we were discussing a couple pages ago as being a problem with hip-hop, rap and modern pop. I think part of that is that my typical style is hard rock... i can play jazz (not extremely well but i can) and i can play other typically lighter styles (soft rock etc.) but what i enjoy is tearing the drums up and rocking out (but not really metal... zep and the who for example). This is something that you don't get to hear in rap. That edgy hard sound is completely lacking as it seems it is mostly a vocal genre.
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