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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by LimpingToad
You like commercial bands and I don't yet it felt like you were saying that commercialism is bad (maybe i misunderstood) and I was saying it makes sense. :)
Yup, it was a misunderstanding. Sorry 'bout that. I probably got a bit convoluted again :)

I don't know whether you'd call them current, but Rage Against the Machine and the Chilli Peppers come to mind. You also have jazz samples in rap tunes. I don't know of any jazz/rap coming strongly from the jazz angle; it's more rap incorporating jazz than the other way around.

I can see a rap and blues mix working too. Both styles were invented by underprivileged black people. I love the White Stripes's mix of blues, pop and rock - a great sound.

I know this is offtopic but I have to share this video with you. It's one of the funnniest things I've ever seen I recommend the other shreds too. The Santana and Nine Inch Nails ones are a hoot too :)
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